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Here to Lend a Helping Hand

COUNTRY~RIVER is here to help. Whether handling day-to-day operations of your property or the occasional need of service, think of COUNTRY~RIVER as a way to relieve all of those headaches.

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Gleason Hollingsworth


Hey There. I am Gleason Hollingsworth. Born and raised in Lynchburg, Virginia. Brought here September 2022 by my husband, Mark, and couldn't be more thrilled to be a part of this community! With an eye for interior design from a very early age and a love of hosting and serving others, I have combined those skills to now serve you.

      I attended The Savannah College of Art and Design and graduated with a BFA in Interior Design & Historic Preservation.

I have used my degree as an interior designer, a model home stager and accessory buyer/installer, antique dealer & shop owner, realtor and property manager. I am highly organized and absolutely geek out on having intelligent systems in place that assist in running a successful household and/or short-term rental business.

     Around town you can almost always find me at the playground with my daughter or out on the water enjoying all that this area has to offer. I look forward to meeting you and helping lighten your day-to-day tasks in your home and

your rental business. 

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Property Guest

Gleason helped make our vacation even better. From helping us plan and pack a cooler for our day on the boat, to having extra diapers waiting for us when we arrived after we frantically phoned her that we'd forgotten the bag with them at home, she went above and beyond to be sure we felt at ease and relaxed during our stay.

Based in Virginia's
Northern Neck

Serving Lancaster County, Virginia and Surrounding Areas

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